NIRVAN JAVAN presents its first metal glasses collection capturing the spirit of time in a slight retro look. The exclusive designs encourage a conscious and elegant appearance and carry the puristic signature of the designer.

The six models complement NIRVAN JAVAN EYEWEAR with another element and fit perfectly into the philosophy of the label: the distinction between important and unimportant factors creates a feeling of freedom. Within that feeling there is enough space for the appearance and individuality of the wearer.

The metal collection will be part of the BECAUSE I CAN. campaign launch. Inspired by the designer’s story, people should be motivated to live their dreams and believe in themselves.


The designer’s credo and a clear message to the wearer.

The six new designs of NIRVAN JAVAN EYEWEAR are available in four mate and plain colours. The high-quality stainless steel glasses impress with the puristic design language and the excellent quality. Each model comes with an antiallergic coating and high-quality titanium nose pads.

Buying glasses is an intimate matter – Partnerships with optometrists are of central importance to us and the core concept we follow. We pursue quality in every aspect, and therefore the sale of our Eyewear Collection through qualified experts is extremely important to us. Find an optician near you.