Bullett 2 Kopie

For the designer Nirvan Javan, the calm of the night opens the doors to creativity. These hours of calm and harmony, when people are able to escape their everyday for a few moments in order to follow their dreams is a time for Nirvan Javan, where he can give his creativeness free reign. He looses himself in shapes and colours and sets them ablaze in all their magnificence.

Whilst the world is sleeping, Nirvan Javan brings many images and visions to life in his studio. White paper fills with bold pencil strokes – an idea turns into a design. The design then becomes a work. The work turns into a product, which again transforms the designer’s passion into something tangible, and which outshines all things artificial thanks to its puristic simplicity.

The designer of Persian origin discovered his love and passion for art early on. When he was a teenager, he had already started to design jewellery for his circle of friends. His apprenticeship as an optician allowed him to develop an eye for the interplay between shapes and colours. He uses the diversity of nature as a source of inspiration. The untouched rawness of mountains. The still clarity of a mountain lake. The warm feeling of security in a forest. It is images like these, which spark his creativity.

Nirvan Javan strives to focus on the person and their individual beauty through the simple elegance of his designs.


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