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Together with Swiss musician MEGA, the brand set itself the goal of creating a completely new, audiovisual experience. The video for the song "Berger" was thus not shot and edited by camera as usual. It was created entirely on the computer. In a completely digitized world, a 3D generated model of the artist performs his song. So he also wears completely animated models of the new SHADES OF TORONTO. Strange worlds, which are actually beyond our possibilities, suddenly become travelable through this technology. Futuristic worlds, suddenly become real. It is a step into a new world.

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New, digital worlds

Behind the virtual landscape are many complex steps to realization. 3D artist Tymen Goetsch has leveraged Unreal Engine's new Lumen system to light the scenes dynamically as well as Nanite to ensure quality throughout the numerous instances of foliage and other natural elements. Contrary to non-real time projects, the video would have taken several days if not weeks to render. Thanks to Unreal Engine this could be done in a few hours. Opening up a whole new world for NIRVAN JAVAN to experience the world at its finest.