Inspired by the Arabica coffee bean, NIRVAN JAVAN traveled to Latin America and Asia with its last collection. Now Central America calls to the brand. Ancient cultures live on in Mexico. You can see them in the country's architecture and warm colors; now too in NIRVAN JAVAN's new collection, exclusively designed by the designer for Kochoptik. The SHADES OF MEXICO. The Mexican sun beams down. It shines on the cubic shapes of NIRVAN JAVAN's new SHADES OF MEXICO collection. In the deep BLACK, GREEN, BROWN and RED of the high quality acetate lies the warm spirit of Central America. Mexico's passionate sense of style; brought to life in the SHADES OF MEXICO.

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Dia de los Muertos is not a day of mourning, it is an explosion of colors, joy and sweet foods. Four postcards, in four different colors, invite you to send the feeling of this extraordinary event around the world. Each SHADES OF MEXICO comes with one of these four cards*. It is an invitation to experience Mexico.

*While supplies last.