Nirvan Javan, who is of Persian origin, is the founder and designer of the label NIRVAN JAVAN. Nature, purism, and his own background are the factors that inspired him to create a world free from the superfluous.

Nirvan was born on the 26th December 1991 in Zürich. His creative talent was evident from an early age, and acted as both a means of communication and an aid to integration. Over the years he developed his own form of expression through his passion for sketching and his interest in art and design.

Nirvan began to design fashion accessories in his youth, and he soon had his first design contract. His apprenticeship as an optician gave him an eye for the interaction between shapes and colours. After successfully completing his optician apprenticeship, he set out to turn the dream of having his own designer label into reality.

In summer 2015 Nirvan gave up his economics course and founded the designer label NIRVAN JAVAN. He invested his whole life savings in the first EYEWEAR collection, and using his parents’ cellar as a work base, he supplied glasses to his first optician partners.

In spring 2016 the first NIRVAN JAVAN STUDIO opened on the ETH Science City Campus in Zürich. This is where the designer works together with his current team of three to shape the future and create new designs.

“Elegant timeless designs are created when everything that is dispensable is left out – the pure aesthetic essence of the products.”

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